A Look Back on Lippincott Manor’s Bridal Tasting 2016


Lippincott Manor invited it’s 2016 & 2017 early spring couples to partake in the 2016 Bridal Tasting, which was held on Saturday, May 14th. The couples that attended were able to have a first-look into what goes on at a true Lippincott wedding.

As the night began everyone found their seats and the music began to play. Delicious hors d’oeuvres were tasted , exquisite spring rolls, fried ravioli, as well as jalapeno poppers, homemade Swedish meatballs, penne, stuffed mushrooms and shrimp cocktail to name a few. Dinner was a big hit with everyone as well. As we do every year, we included some favorites from each package we offer to give a taste of our offerings.

As the evening went on guests were able to tour and admire the newly renovated Lippincott Manor. A pair of beautiful lighted birch trees that is now included inside the magnificent tent… a brand new patio, hanging vintage Edison lights, and our beautiful logo elegantly displayed on the walkway as you make your way to the entrance as well as under our newly built ceremony tree trellis.

While the guests made their way underneath the tent, they could see our beautiful brand new bar, which was made from wood pallets, truly tying together the rustic, vintage look that is Lippincott Manor as well as three pewter pail lights enhancing the dinner serving area.

As the night went on, we sparked up a bonfire, there was some serious dancing….(thank you to DJ E-Rock for providing such great music), and we even had a few lucky winners from our raffle, a fun way to enhance the countdown to everyone’s special day.Thank you to Meadowscent Florist and Angels Wedding Works for providing some of your beautiful flowers included in our very popular “all inclusive package” The winners were happy to take home those beautiful centerpieces and bouquets.

Thank you to Erica Lee for being present and providing our couples with her talents as well as Kerry from 4 Points Sheraton Newburgh offering information for overnight accommodations. Lastly thank you to Randi Carroll from Eat This Bakery….her cupcakes and tower display is second to none!

Lippincott Manor wants to express great gratitude to all of the couples and their families who attended. We look forward to experiencing and being a big part of all of your special days. It is because of all of you that we’re able to hold this wonderful event and because of you that we enjoy doing so. To each and every couple we want to extend our good wishes to you and look forward to making your vision a reality and helping to make your dream come true.

Lippincott Manor’s Annual Bridal Tasting 2016


bridal tasting

Although there is a blanket of snow covering the grounds of the Hudson Valley in the early weeks of spring and mother nature has decided to play some weather tricks on us this year, one thing that still holds true is that the 2016 wedding season is steadily upon us!

Lippincott Manor is preparing for one of its most requested events…The Annual Bridal Tasting! This year’s bridal tasting will be held on Saturday, May 14 and starts at 6pm. A genuine Lippincott occasion and a most loved by all who attend.

Every year Lippincott Manor holds this event to give the couples that have booked their special day a “taste” of what goes on during a true Lippincott wedding. The bridal tasting has a wonderful itinerary that incorporates a cocktail hour, dinner, wedding cake, a cash bar, incredible music, photo booth and some surprises too! Don’t forget your dancing shoes! Another exciting portion of this fun evening is the giveaways that include some Gem Enhancements, flowers donated by our wonderful florists included in our all inclusive wedding package and some other exciting giveaways as well. Marty and Tricia Van Dyk put this all together, so you can truly envision all the magnificent possibilities that are able to become realities now that you’ve chosen to build your amazing dream day with Lippincott Manor.

Along with the other booked couples who are in different phases of planning, there will also be a chance to meet with the photographers and one of the DJ’s that are a part of the “all-inclusive package” that Lippincott Manor offers. Some local hotel representatives will be here as well giving you information for your guests in need of overnight accommodations.

A Few Wedding Details No One Wants to Miss

If you’re worrying about what things may sometimes get overlooked when planning your special day, here we are to save the day! Although you might feel like your list is never-ending, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Here at Lippincott Manor we understand how stressful planning a wedding can be, so we want to make sure we can help you throughout the entire process, from the most important, to the smallest details. We’ve created a list of a few things that sometimes although important may get overlooked during your planning and preparing.

Marriage License: We all know the excitement of your big day and the extensive time that goes into getting everyone ready being the main thing on your mind, but without your marriage license, there is no marriage! Perhaps setting a specific person in charge of the license on your wedding day in case you feel that you and your groom will be too overwhelmed to remember to bring it. Another reminder even before the big day is to check and see how long the wait time is to get a marriage license. Don’t wait until the last minute because certain jurisdictions have different rules and deadlines. Waiting until the last minute can cause a lot of stress so be sure to have your officiate guide you. New York State requires all individuals who intend to get married to apply for and obtain a marriage license from any New York State city or town clerk’s office. If you apply for a marriage license in New York City, the fee is $35. If you apply for a marriage license anywhere else in the state of New York, the fee is $40.

Bridal Party Gifts: Let’s give it up for the wonderful ladies you’ve chosen to stand by your side and help you along the path to your wedding day. These women are absolutely wonderful and mean the world to you, that’s why you’ve chosen them to share such a special part of one of the most important days of your life. The gifts you give your amazing bunch don’t have to be extravagant and more often than not, it’s more heart-warming to give each one a more personalized gift. A small trinket to show that you appreciate all that they’ve done through your times of being together and the sacrifices and help they’ve given during the planning of your wedding day. There are plenty of ideas you can use to show how much you appreciate your gals.

Vendor Meals: This is a big one, and always needs to be addressed. Your vendors are working in overdrive to make sure your day is flawless. Along with all that energy that is poured into the magnificent job they do comes hunger. When you send over your final count to your caterer or the venue if they’re providing the food, be sure to include your vendors in your meals. Every venue is different for what they serve and how they charge those plates, so just make sure you remember to include your DJ or band members, your photographers, and their crew, as well as your wedding planner and your videographer if you happen to have either of those. Just as a friendly note, Lippincott Manor charges the non-liquor pricing for vendor meals that coincide with whichever package you chose.

All of these reminders are smaller details that sometimes get overlooked. We wanted to take the time to point them out and bring attention to them, so that when it’s time for your beautiful day you have smooth sailing. We are so excited looking forward to the 2016 wedding season and can’t wait to help create and share the magical celebrations planned this year!

Fall In Love With These Amazing Autumn Wedding Ideas!

There’s a whole other world to harvest time than sprinkles of smoldered orange and shades of burgundy and brown…more than the clichè pumpkins, and hot apple cider. There are parts of fall that regularly get ignored. Just the same there are parts to an autumn wedding that, unfortunately, don’t get the proper exposure  they ought to. Lippincott Manor anticipates offering to you new ideas and some most loved old ones every year. We’re always looking into to convey to you inventive choices to make your autumn wedding remarkable.

The majority of the time orange pumpkins are a gigantic piece of the adornment arrangement. Suppose you gave these pumpkins a makeover. You can paint them any shade to best suit your color scheme! This is impeccable if you’re wedding hues don’t take after the run of the mill fall shading. Covering the pumpkins in a sparkle based paint is an awesome approach to give them a totally diverse look.

Another delightful thought is to create a personal pie treat for your visitors. You can either lay them out and offer them as a part of the dessert table or wrap them up and use them as a departing gift, This great thought is distinctive, as well as tasty too. Each visitor is certain to leave with a grin all over and their sweet tooth desire satisfied.

In case, you’re running with a genuine rustic theme, why not do away with the bridesmaids traditional flower bouquet all together and rather utilize wheat. It’s straightforwardness is totally rich and not only captivates, but compliments the beauty of the bridal party. In case you’re hoping to spruce the wheat bundle up, you can simply include a couple of little blooms, so that the wedding colors you chose can be involved.

In conclusion, if the occasion is outside and maybe the temperature is assumed to be on the nippy side as the night goes on. An immaculate thought is to put a couple of blankets around the grounds that the gathering is being held just on the off chance that your visitors get a touch of cold. Having these baskets around will guarantee your visitors are comfortable and cozy all through the wedding merriments.

Say Yes to the Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2015

Most women and maybe a few men will tell you that the most important garment in a wedding is the bride’s attire. Every year different trends come out and sweep us off of our feet. Phenomenal wedding gowns are debuted and we are all left at a loss for words at how utterly breathtaking they can be. We can assure you, 2015 is no different. This year’s top 3 styles of wedding  dresses are sure to make any bride a little more anxious for her special day than she already is!

As displayed on the various bridal fashion runways this year, blue gowns are in the forefront as one of the biggest eye-catchers thus far. Although traditional gowns are still a favorite, these beautifully blued collection still emphasizes a sophisticated look. Regardless of how attached you are to a more traditional look, there is no denying that these magnificent shades of blue compliment any bride who chooses to wear them. Could this be a lasting trend, we think so!

Another style that has swept this years fall and winter’s brides-to-be is sweater styled wedding dresses. To be honest, we weren’t sure what to think until we saw how absolutely gorgeous they actually are. They create a soft and simple tone to the pieces almost as though they should have already been considered traditional. Fortunate is the bride who chooses this style in the months of winter.

The last style that we feel needs to be discussed as completely captured out hearts. It is none other than the two-piece wedding gown. It’s amazing what designers have come up with through the decades. The two piece wedding dress gives a fun, sophisticated, yet edgy look to all the brides hwo decide to embrace it. Whether it’s paired with a skirt with a train or a pair of pants it has truly taken this season by storm. There is no doubt that many brides have truly fallen in love with how these pieces come together to complete the entire ensemble.


Aisle Decor Possibly Last, But Certainly Not Least!

After you’ve chosen your colors, your centerpieces, your bridesmaid dresses, and your props you may be thinking, am I forgetting something? Aisle decor! Finding the perfect aisle decor can be tricky! The aisle decor depends on what theme or style your wedding is going to be. While some might be intrigued by a glamorous over-the-top piece, others choose a small plant, mason jars with flowers, or candles, even lavender to toss.

 The biggest influence on aisle decor is where the ceremony will be held. Some couples decide to hold their ceremony in a church…with churches a colorful small floral arrangement or ribbons that can decorate the pews. Another familiar option in aisle decor can be mason jars, lanterns, flower petals to name a few. These options go fabulously for a country, rustic or vintage theme. Although small, they truly do help give a classic feel to the entire decorative display. If you’re someone who lives by the saying “bigger is better” you may be interested in free-standing aisle decor. This usually includes larger floral accents or displays that sit alone, a really nice option for those wedding ceremonies that are the definition of over-the-top glamour!

Aisle décor, although a small part of the artistic planning, helps to tie the whole wedding ceremony together while expressing your personal style.

Lippincott Manor’s Annual Bridal Tasting 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 9.35.42 AM

 As the warmer weather slowly begins to move in, we can finally say spring has sprung upon the Hudson Valley. Along with spring making its debut, so does the Hudson Valley Wedding Season.

Lippincott Manor is starting this season off with one of its most requested events. The annual Bridal Tasting! This year’s Bridal Tasting will be held on Saturday, May 9 and starts at 6pm. A genuine Lippincott occasion and a most loved by all who attend.

Every year Lippincott Manor holds this event to give each and every one of our booked couples and couples considering booking, a look inside of what a true Lippincott Wedding entails. The Bridal tasting has a wonderful itinerary that incorporates a cocktail hour, dinner, wedding cake, a cash bar, incredible music, photo booth and some surprises too! Don’t forget your dancing shoes! Another exciting portion of this evening is the giveaways that include free wedding package enhancements for couples already booked for 2015 and 2016. Marty and Tricia Van Dyk put this all together, so you can truly envision all the magnificent possibilities that can become realities when you choose to build your amazing dream day with Lippincott Manor.

Along with other booked couples who are in different phases of planning, there will also be a chance to meet with the photographers and DJ that are a part of the “all-inclusive package” that Lippincott Manor offers.

For reservations, email lippincottmanor@hvc.rr.com or call 845-895-2474. It will be an invigorating night with many memories that you surely won’t want to miss!

A Little Inspiration Goes a Long Way…

Every year wedding trends come and go. Some of them, we fall head over heels for and realize from the moment we visually perceive them that we have to incorporate them into our special day. From wedding colors to accessories and decor. Each and every piece has it’s role in your treasured day and it’s always handled with the utmost care here at Lippincott Manor.

One of the most important components of wedding planning is the color scheme. Whether you’re going to be bold with a vibrant accumulation of colors or subtle with soft shades. Every bride can agree that the colors that are chosen together are the base for the entire event. This year is the year of the neutral and powder colors. They’re subtle, they pair well with every wedding style, and there are always options with your decor when you incorporate these colors. Neutral and powder colors accent an outside wedding elegantly. A genuinely beautiful partnership everyone will fall in love with.

This year it seems as though sequins is one of the leading trends. Whether it be sequins in a hair piece, on the dress, or in the decor, sequin is predicted to be a must-have this year.
Another trend that’s getting more exposure is feathers. Feathers can work with quite a few themes which are why they’re so versatile. They’re a resplendent accent to a bohemian chic wedding theme, you can incorporate them in a vintage/classic look, or you can utilize them to artistically accent your wedding decor.

Last, but certainly not least, the trending theme this year, Tuscan Dream! It’s absolutely perfect for an outside venue and you most certainly aren’t required to travel to an Italian vineyard to utilize this lovely theme. Any outside venue can be turned into a recreation of the finest parts of Italy, with the right decor and a vision, anything is possible.

Which trend will you choose for your extraordinary day? Or do you already have your vision panned out? It’s such an exhilarating occasion and here at Lippincott Manor we cannot wait to help put all of the different pieces to your magnificent wedding puzzle together.


Beautiful Enhancements For Every Event.

Lippincott Manor would first like to express a Happy New Year to everyone. Although it is still very much winter in the Hudson Valley, Lippincott Manor is looking forward to all of the delectable couples the 2015 season will bring.

We are proud and exhilarated to launch our Gem Enhancements this season. Many of the enhancements are wedding favorites that have been featured in precedent seasons. There are a total of 12 enhancements offered.

Why not authentically impress your guests with the Cordial Bar Station during coffee hour, a true delight with any dessert!

Another lovely addition is our lemonade, apple cider or sweet tea stand which is sure to quench every thirst on a sultry day. A mouth-watering addition to any countryside wedding ceremony.

If you have a sweet tooth, the candy buffet table is an absolute must have. They are beauteously adorned with chocolate covered pretzels and licorice. Among other dainty treats. Last season a lovely decorative sign with the quote “How Sweet it is to be Loved by You” was exhibited which additionally matched the color themes. They we’re absolutely elegant and a true sweet end to the event..

An absolute sublime enhancement is our sky lantern release, they are genuinely a magnificent way to head into the ending of such a marvelous evening. They’re most impressive and relished by everyone. An absolute mesmerizing exhibit.

Lippincott Manor has been actively booking couples for the 2015 and 2016 season, but we still have room! We look forward to making your dreams come true. Simple elegance and natural beauty best describe Lippincott Manor, where they are sure to make your special day “An Affair to Remember!”.

The Cold Brings Time to Welcome Warm Memories

With the snow and cold weather both making themselves at home in the Hudson Valley, the grounds at Lippincot Manor have been prepped and are ready to endure what is left of the winter season. Tricia and Marty Van Dyk have wrapped up the tent, the supplies, and have had a real chance to reflect on all the cherished memories that have been created this past season. This year, no different than the others proved to be a beautiful season that brought many beautiful families and friends to the grounds of Lippincott Manor, along with the love they radiate, which is what keeps Lippincott Manor flourishing.

Since the twenty fourteen season has ended, we have had sometime to take a stroll down memory lane and relive the magnificent days that have been celebrated here at Lippincott Manor. Here, we have complied a showcase of the couples that have shared their love and taken their vows at Lippincott Manor. Each couple, unique and beautiful in their own way, brought their unique spirit to sprawling grounds of our little location off of the Wallkill River.

Again, Tricia and Marty have nothing but appreciation for the joy that this past season has brought and the special moments and cherished events that they have had the privilege of being a part of. Each one of these couples have left a lasting impression on Lippincott Manor, and have helped to strengthen the roots of our tight-knit operation.