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Dream Themed Weddings

How do you pick a wedding theme that’s actually one you’re going to love? You might know right off the top that you’re going, say, full Harry Potter theme. In which case, would make for a brilliant wedding.

harry potter themed wedding As for  everyone else, you can start by looking into general styles that may interest you. Are you thinking outdoors and rustic country chic; or do you prefer a little vintage glamour?

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Perhaps you and your fiance are a nerdy duo who envisions their wedding with magical games and decor.  There have also been many popular themes in past weddings such as Alice in Wonderland and even Game of Thrones.

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Above is a recent photo of a Nightmare Before Christmas themed wedding we had here recently.  This cupcake stand was made by the groom himself!

If you or your fiance are in or have been in the services we at The Lippincott Manor take huge pride in SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS!  Perhaps you’d like to make this your theme instead, as it is so beautiful. Maybe seeing your partner await you dressed in their best uniform to make for a magical pictures and an honoring, sensational day.

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Picking out wedding themes can be one of the hardest planning tasks that every bride and groom is faced with. Some couples prefer the romantic route.  Some couples like to keep things fresh and modern. When you pinpoint the theme of your dreams, you can officially move forward with the rest of your wedding planning. But, if you’re still on the fence about which direction you want to go for your big day discuss with your partner your favorite themes. Picking a theme is the best way to start your planning process.

Inspiration Spotlight: Chevrons

More and more frequently chevrons are popping up in wedding themes. A perfect addition to a country-chic or rustic event, adding this simple chic design element can easily bring the look of a wedding together while giving it a pretty and modern feel. So with the more and more that we see these zigzags appear, we have decided to focus this Inspiration Spotlight on this versatile trend. It is also worth the mention that one of our past brides at Lippincott Manor used chevrons at her wedding and we have been adoring them ever since.

Simple and sweet, these patterns can be incorporated into your wedding in a huge variety of ways. At your ceremony, you can lay out a chevron-printed aisle runner or use chevron pattern ribbons to decorate the aisle seats. What about accessorizing your bridal party in chevrons? A chevron ringbearer pillow is just adorable or chevron clutches for the bridesmaids are a trendy and chic accessory that they will love. At the reception, chevrons can decorate your place cards and other paper goods. If you are planning on a candy bar, why not use chevron-printed goodie bags? Covering the guest book in chevrons is a unique touch that your guests will discover and notice the detail that you put into your day. And of course, the cake! This simple pattern can give you a modern looking cake or it can be accessorized with flowers or a scalloped design for a truly rustic looking dessert.

When consider the theme, look and design to your wedding, you may want to think about the chevron. Simple and sweet, the versatility of this pattern can be incorporated in so many different ways that the possibilities are endless, and that is what we love about this trend!