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Where to Splurge, and Where to Save, in Wedding Planning

A wedding is something that for most only happen once in a lifetime. It is important to any couple that not only the wedding go as planned, but also that they have the amenities that are important to them and their guests that will make the event a memorable one.

Those Extra Touches Can Make the Event One to Remember Forever

While it is important to stay within a budget for your wedding, the extra enhancements can really add that special something to make your wedding stand out. One area where couples tend to splurge is in an open bar, serving top shelf liquor for their guests. This is a nice touch, but generally not necessary for the enjoyment of the wedding and few guests will even remember the type of liquor served after the event.

At Lippincott Manor we offer this type of open bar, fully stocked with top shelf liquor. However, the types of amenities that really make a wedding stand out are often those that are more unique. These can include our roaring bonfire, complete with all of the fixings for toasting marshmallows and making your own s’mores. Guests can enjoy the sweets, all while taking in the ambiance that a bonfire can offer.


Other unique amenities guests can choose from at Lippincott Manor include unique stations for food serving that allows guests to prepare their dishes just the way they like them. These stations include mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, pasta and an ice cream array for make your own sundaes. Not only can guests have exactly what they want, but they can enjoy the process of putting it together as well.

The table setting at a wedding reception is another eye-catcher. Lippincott Manor offers venetian tables with elaborate settings that can take your wedding to an even more elegant level. This extra touch is sure to be noticed, and appreciated, by your guests.

By focusing on the amenities that will give you the wedding of your dreams, you can make sure your big day is a success, without breaking the bank.

At Lippincott Manor we have experience working with couples to make their special day one to remember. Contact us at 845-895-2474 for more information or to schedule a tour of our facility.

Three of the hottest trends for 2019!

Now that our 2018 wedding season has come to a close, all brides to be are eagerly awaiting the upcoming 2019 wedding season!  For 2019 couples congratulations, your wedding planning fun is just beginning! From colors to decor, food and more, get ready for wedding season with some of these exciting trends!  While you’re in the process of wedding planning, its always helpful to keep current trends in mind.  Your special day does not need to be “trendy”  to be beautiful.  However by browsing the hottest trends for the upcoming wedding season it can help to create and inspire you, making your big day feel more personal.  After all this is your wedding day!

Let’s talk colors shall we?!  The 2019 season is all about bold colors.  Do not be afraid to mix and match when choosing, you do not have to be super specific when choosing your colors this season!  That’s right ladies, get creative!  For example, instead of keeping the mind set that your color schemes are strictly pink and brown think of all the color hues between pinks and browns!  For example nude, and copper to light pinks and deep magenta’s.  This will allow you to provide a more visual bold experience in your decor.

2019 wedding colors2019 wedding colors 2

Less is more seems to be a popular trend for 2019. For example, a  more simple stock invitation card as opposed to the fancier three pocket fold.  In the way of wedding cakes naked cakes are stunning, tasty and more popular than ever.  We’re also seeing a huge trend in venue styles today.  It has become the new trend to have a simpler style venue.  We’re seeing a rise in venues that are country chic’ and more modern and simple.  This is great allowing you to truly personalize your decor on your big day.  An intimate reception always makes for a most memorable day. A venue such as The Lippincott Manor is sure to attract attention this coming season with it’s gorgeous yet personable style. A more natural decor as opposed to something more glistening.  Promoting that less is more mentality, and a more relaxed feel.

2019 blog post sweetheart table

2019 blog post cakes

Lastly on our hottest trends for 2019 is watch out for mother nature! In an amazing way of course.  Expect to see lots of natural elements in the upcoming season. Greenery and plants are out shining large feminine floral centerpieces next year.  Couples are embracing natures gifts and creating beautiful pieces for their special day.  Such as a simple DIY centerpiece of a gorgeous wooden box surrounded with rocks, crystals stones and earthy seeding.  Keep your eyes peeled for these stunning but subtle pieces this upcoming year!

2019 greenery2019 blog post couple

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