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Three of the hottest trends for 2019!

Now that our 2018 wedding season has come to a close, all brides to be are eagerly awaiting the upcoming 2019 wedding season!  For 2019 couples congratulations, your wedding planning fun is just beginning! From colors to decor, food and more, get ready for wedding season with some of these exciting trends!  While you’re in the process of wedding planning, its always helpful to keep current trends in mind.  Your special day does not need to be “trendy”  to be beautiful.  However by browsing the hottest trends for the upcoming wedding season it can help to create and inspire you, making your big day feel more personal.  After all this is your wedding day!

Let’s talk colors shall we?!  The 2019 season is all about bold colors.  Do not be afraid to mix and match when choosing, you do not have to be super specific when choosing your colors this season!  That’s right ladies, get creative!  For example, instead of keeping the mind set that your color schemes are strictly pink and brown think of all the color hues between pinks and browns!  For example nude, and copper to light pinks and deep magenta’s.  This will allow you to provide a more visual bold experience in your decor.

2019 wedding colors2019 wedding colors 2

Less is more seems to be a popular trend for 2019. For example, a  more simple stock invitation card as opposed to the fancier three pocket fold.  In the way of wedding cakes naked cakes are stunning, tasty and more popular than ever.  We’re also seeing a huge trend in venue styles today.  It has become the new trend to have a simpler style venue.  We’re seeing a rise in venues that are country chic’ and more modern and simple.  This is great allowing you to truly personalize your decor on your big day.  An intimate reception always makes for a most memorable day. A venue such as The Lippincott Manor is sure to attract attention this coming season with it’s gorgeous yet personable style. A more natural decor as opposed to something more glistening.  Promoting that less is more mentality, and a more relaxed feel.

2019 blog post sweetheart table

2019 blog post cakes

Lastly on our hottest trends for 2019 is watch out for mother nature! In an amazing way of course.  Expect to see lots of natural elements in the upcoming season. Greenery and plants are out shining large feminine floral centerpieces next year.  Couples are embracing natures gifts and creating beautiful pieces for their special day.  Such as a simple DIY centerpiece of a gorgeous wooden box surrounded with rocks, crystals stones and earthy seeding.  Keep your eyes peeled for these stunning but subtle pieces this upcoming year!

2019 greenery2019 blog post couple

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blog rustic country chic 1

Dream Themed Weddings

How do you pick a wedding theme that’s actually one you’re going to love? You might know right off the top that you’re going, say, full Harry Potter theme. In which case, would make for a brilliant wedding.

harry potter themed wedding As for  everyone else, you can start by looking into general styles that may interest you. Are you thinking outdoors and rustic country chic; or do you prefer a little vintage glamour?

blog theme vintage sweetheart table

Perhaps you and your fiance are a nerdy duo who envisions their wedding with magical games and decor.  There have also been many popular themes in past weddings such as Alice in Wonderland and even Game of Thrones.

alice in wonderland themed wedding

blog theme nbc cakestand

Above is a recent photo of a Nightmare Before Christmas themed wedding we had here recently.  This cupcake stand was made by the groom himself!

If you or your fiance are in or have been in the services we at The Lippincott Manor take huge pride in SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS!  Perhaps you’d like to make this your theme instead, as it is so beautiful. Maybe seeing your partner await you dressed in their best uniform to make for a magical pictures and an honoring, sensational day.

theme blog wedding service guys

Picking out wedding themes can be one of the hardest planning tasks that every bride and groom is faced with. Some couples prefer the romantic route.  Some couples like to keep things fresh and modern. When you pinpoint the theme of your dreams, you can officially move forward with the rest of your wedding planning. But, if you’re still on the fence about which direction you want to go for your big day discuss with your partner your favorite themes. Picking a theme is the best way to start your planning process.

Fall In Love

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons for a wedding.  Fall comes along with gorgeous weather, and spectacular scenery.  The color of the leaves changing in the trees, the delicious breezes that make the leaves fall in dazzling shades of red, brown, yellow, orange and green.  If planning a fall wedding, take advantage of the amazing photo opportunities in the outdoors that nature will provide for you.  Do not be afraid to embrace natures backdrop.  Imagine the leaves falling all around you, the subtle wind whisping through your hair as your photographer snaps memories to last a life time on your big day.

Prepare prepare prepare! During the chillier days in the season there can be unpredictable weather.  It is important to make sure you have all your bases covered, especially when it comes to photos.  Remember that your photos are memories some candid, some posed, but all so beautiful and that you get to cherish for the rest of your lives.  So needless to say, photos are crucial on your big  day

Consider fall patterned coverups for you and your bridesmaids, for example shawls to wrap around your shoulders to make for cute photos and to keep you from being chilly if the air is crisp that day.  This can also double as a gift for your wedding party.  During this time you should consider comfortable footwear to change into as you may be trapsing through slippery wet leaves and grass.  I recommend designating one person from your wedding party to stash umbrellas somewhere in case of a change in weather.  Again preparation is key ladies!

fall blog match

Choose fall themed games that can be played inside or outdoors depending on weather, such as pumpkin tic tac toe, pumpkin chess and even pumpkin bowling!  These can keep guests entertained perhaps during cocktail hour or while taking a break from the dance floor ALL while embracing the fall season!

pumpkin tic tac toe fall gamespumpkin checkers fall game

Finally let’s talk about the absolutely gorgeous flowers that are available to us in autumn,  Two of my personal favorites the ever so elegant but classic Sunflowers and Roses.  Followed by Carnations, Freesia, Juniper, Marigold, Salvia, Aster, Dahlia, Zinnia and Chrysanthemums.  Luckily for us we are given an array of beautiful flowers in season to choose from to make any bouqet or arrangement fall color themed and brilliant!

sunflower fall lippincottfall center pieces

Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer is the most popular season for weddings.  Beautiful weather and sunshine allowing you to capture your very special moments to last a life time.  Experiencing your dream day at an outdoor venue is one of the most attractive parts of a summer wedding. Here at Lippincott Manor our grounds are in full bloom with dazzling views of wild flowers, open fields complete with mountainous views.  Let’s not forget to mention the brilliant river scenery and full green trees coming into season.

grounds with lake and flowers

lippincott summer wedding 1

As your guests arrive for your beautiful ceremony to come, consider placing a refreshing beverage station that your friends and family will pass on their way in.  This has become quite popular for a summer wedding.  Beverages such as tea’s or lemonade, or even an infused water.  While guests are taking their seats it may be beneficial for them to have a cool tasty drink in the hot summer heat.

drink station

While the summer weather is gorgeous the sun can be awfully bright, and you want nothing to dull your shine on YOUR big day.  A great idea would be to set up a bin of sunglasses for your guests to shade their eyes from the bright daylight during your ceremony, and their tears.  Allowing everyone to take in your beauty and the gorgeous  atmosphere of the day that has brought them all together.

sunglasses summer weddings

As your ceremony concludes and you and your guests part ways for a short time before you are introduced as the new Mr. & Mrs, think of all the moments your guests are capturing on their phones or cameras.  Photos of your friends and family, photos of your fabulous wedding decor, your table settings and linens.  This may be a fitting time to consider small photo props that your guests can have fun with while snapping away eagerly awaiting your arrival!

wedding photo props

Explore the bright popular colors of summer when choosing a color theme! Such as beautiful pinks and fucshia’s, golds and sky blues.  Citrus colors such as tangerine and yellows, even aqua and pale lilac!  The possibilities when choosing color a theme for a summer wedding are seemingly endless.  The summer season offers beautiful flowers to choose from with pops of bright colors.  To name a few popular flowers in season there is the classic sun flower so bright and beautiful, freesia’s and stocks in breath taking purples just to name a few.

summer bouqetAs your ceremony concludes and its time to get the party started as Mr. & Mrs. you may want to favor your feet!  We are sure as you dance the night away with your closest family and friends you may want to kick off those heels and really dance! Mull over the idea of a bin of inexpensive various colored flip flops for your lady guests to slip into and get out onto the dance floor and boogie with you and your loved ones.  After all this is a time for celebration!

flip flop summer wedding

As the hours wind down to ending your enchanted evening, picture all of your loved ones underneath a summer sky, and beside a beautiful roaring bonfire.  Making sweet treats and memories amongst the stars.

lippincott manor summer bonfire

YES! You can have your dream wedding with our all inclusive package!

Your wedding day is a team effort. The first things you book are your venue, DJ, photographer and florist.  We do it all for you in one step and one price, ensuring a successful, stress-free event.


Lippincott Manor is very excited to continue to offer their very popular all inclusive wedding package. Price includes a  5 – 5 1/2 hour ceremony/reception, DJ, photographer and florist and can be applied in all packages!  We’ve partnered with our favorite trusted professionals in the industry to offer this convenient package at a discounted price.
Each member of this unique group has accumulated years of experience and vast knowledge in their corresponding fields. Put them all together to create your very own dream wedding!
Lippincott Manor is a family owned and operated catering facility, providing individual planning and customized packages. Your host’s, owners Martin and Patricia Van Dyk, who live on the estate, pride themselves on excellent personal service, paying attention to every detail, all while offering affordable prices. Martin and Patricia truly treat each and every wedding as if it were their own. They develop close relationships with the wedding couples and play an active roll from the first visit until saying goodbye as Mr. & Mrs.


At our family owned and operated venue, you are of upmost importance to us.  We want to share your vision, hear your concerns and worries but most of all make your day spectacular in every way.  From food and drinks to decor and party favors we are here for you.  It is with much excitement that we are well into booking for the 2019/2020 wedding seasons!


Here at Lippincott Manor, we have three packages to choose from, all packages have the option to add our most popular, the all inclusive package.  Wow, am I right?!  As mentioned the all inclusive package allows you to work with our preferred vendors for all of your musical entertainment including ceremony music, day of stunning wedding photos and of course all of your floral desires.  It is our duty here to make your day just the way you’ve envisioned it all your life…. Magical! Feel free to contact us via e-mail or telephone for inquiries about your special day.  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for our most up to date information, photos and events.



Say goodbye to spring fling, hello spring wedding!

The spring seasons natural beauty is so romantic with spring associated flora’ls and pastels. Romantic pops of color that nature offers this time of year and the warmth of the season enhance the beginning of wedding season. They say April showers bring May flowers, which are so welcomed and appreciated after a long cold winter.


Magnolias a late spring blooming flower signify love of nature and signifies marital happiness.
Calla lily means magnificent beauty and here at Lippincott Manor that is what we see in all our brides.
Freesias symbolize innocence like every father sees in his daughter right before he gives her away.
Hydrangeas symbolize understanding something that is extremely important to sustain a long lasting marriage.

thumbnail couple

When I think of a spring wedding, I envision pops of soft color everywhere from baby pinks to light teal blues and yellows.  Lets talk FLOWERS!  Flowers in your hair, in the aisle, on your tables, and surely on your wedding cake. If you have envisioned a rich floral wedding day all of your life, spring is the time to do it! Let your feminine side run free. If you are planning a spring wedding, go for soft and calm colors, and let mother nature take part in your selection as much as you can.  Common pieces such as birds, butterflies, and eggs have the ability to prim up the beautiful season of spring, no matter what your theme, this is your time to shine!


Spring is one of the most popular seasons to have a wedding. The weather is perfect (not too hot, not too cold), your flower options for your bridal bouquet and centerpieces are ostensibly boundless, and you are not obligated to have an indoor-only venue experience on your big day!


To experience all of the beauty the spring season has to offer you must be able to embrace the freshness of earth when the sunshine and breezes meet in spring, making it most exhilarating. Love is alive with promise and celebration. Let the spring wedding season begin here at Lippincott Manor!


A Look Back on Lippincott Manor’s Bridal Tasting 2016


Lippincott Manor invited it’s 2016 & 2017 early spring couples to partake in the 2016 Bridal Tasting, which was held on Saturday, May 14th. The couples that attended were able to have a first-look into what goes on at a true Lippincott wedding.

As the night began everyone found their seats and the music began to play. Delicious hors d’oeuvres were tasted , exquisite spring rolls, fried ravioli, as well as jalapeno poppers, homemade Swedish meatballs, penne, stuffed mushrooms and shrimp cocktail to name a few. Dinner was a big hit with everyone as well. As we do every year, we included some favorites from each package we offer to give a taste of our offerings.

As the evening went on guests were able to tour and admire the newly renovated Lippincott Manor. A pair of beautiful lighted birch trees that is now included inside the magnificent tent… a brand new patio, hanging vintage Edison lights, and our beautiful logo elegantly displayed on the walkway as you make your way to the entrance as well as under our newly built ceremony tree trellis.

While the guests made their way underneath the tent, they could see our beautiful brand new bar, which was made from wood pallets, truly tying together the rustic, vintage look that is Lippincott Manor as well as three pewter pail lights enhancing the dinner serving area.

As the night went on, we sparked up a bonfire, there was some serious dancing….(thank you to DJ E-Rock for providing such great music), and we even had a few lucky winners from our raffle, a fun way to enhance the countdown to everyone’s special day.Thank you to Meadowscent Florist and Angels Wedding Works for providing some of your beautiful flowers included in our very popular “all inclusive package” The winners were happy to take home those beautiful centerpieces and bouquets.

Thank you to Erica Lee for being present and providing our couples with her talents as well as Kerry from 4 Points Sheraton Newburgh offering information for overnight accommodations. Lastly thank you to Randi Carroll from Eat This Bakery….her cupcakes and tower display is second to none!

Lippincott Manor wants to express great gratitude to all of the couples and their families who attended. We look forward to experiencing and being a big part of all of your special days. It is because of all of you that we’re able to hold this wonderful event and because of you that we enjoy doing so. To each and every couple we want to extend our good wishes to you and look forward to making your vision a reality and helping to make your dream come true.

Lippincott Manor’s Annual Bridal Tasting 2016


bridal tasting

Although there is a blanket of snow covering the grounds of the Hudson Valley in the early weeks of spring and mother nature has decided to play some weather tricks on us this year, one thing that still holds true is that the 2016 wedding season is steadily upon us!

Lippincott Manor is preparing for one of its most requested events…The Annual Bridal Tasting! This year’s bridal tasting will be held on Saturday, May 14 and starts at 6pm. A genuine Lippincott occasion and a most loved by all who attend.

Every year Lippincott Manor holds this event to give the couples that have booked their special day a “taste” of what goes on during a true Lippincott wedding. The bridal tasting has a wonderful itinerary that incorporates a cocktail hour, dinner, wedding cake, a cash bar, incredible music, photo booth and some surprises too! Don’t forget your dancing shoes! Another exciting portion of this fun evening is the giveaways that include some Gem Enhancements, flowers donated by our wonderful florists included in our all inclusive wedding package and some other exciting giveaways as well. Marty and Tricia Van Dyk put this all together, so you can truly envision all the magnificent possibilities that are able to become realities now that you’ve chosen to build your amazing dream day with Lippincott Manor.

Along with the other booked couples who are in different phases of planning, there will also be a chance to meet with the photographers and one of the DJ’s that are a part of the “all-inclusive package” that Lippincott Manor offers. Some local hotel representatives will be here as well giving you information for your guests in need of overnight accommodations.

A Few Wedding Details No One Wants to Miss

If you’re worrying about what things may sometimes get overlooked when planning your special day, here we are to save the day! Although you might feel like your list is never-ending, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Here at Lippincott Manor we understand how stressful planning a wedding can be, so we want to make sure we can help you throughout the entire process, from the most important, to the smallest details. We’ve created a list of a few things that sometimes although important may get overlooked during your planning and preparing.

Marriage License: We all know the excitement of your big day and the extensive time that goes into getting everyone ready being the main thing on your mind, but without your marriage license, there is no marriage! Perhaps setting a specific person in charge of the license on your wedding day in case you feel that you and your groom will be too overwhelmed to remember to bring it. Another reminder even before the big day is to check and see how long the wait time is to get a marriage license. Don’t wait until the last minute because certain jurisdictions have different rules and deadlines. Waiting until the last minute can cause a lot of stress so be sure to have your officiate guide you. New York State requires all individuals who intend to get married to apply for and obtain a marriage license from any New York State city or town clerk’s office. If you apply for a marriage license in New York City, the fee is $35. If you apply for a marriage license anywhere else in the state of New York, the fee is $40.

Bridal Party Gifts: Let’s give it up for the wonderful ladies you’ve chosen to stand by your side and help you along the path to your wedding day. These women are absolutely wonderful and mean the world to you, that’s why you’ve chosen them to share such a special part of one of the most important days of your life. The gifts you give your amazing bunch don’t have to be extravagant and more often than not, it’s more heart-warming to give each one a more personalized gift. A small trinket to show that you appreciate all that they’ve done through your times of being together and the sacrifices and help they’ve given during the planning of your wedding day. There are plenty of ideas you can use to show how much you appreciate your gals.

Vendor Meals: This is a big one, and always needs to be addressed. Your vendors are working in overdrive to make sure your day is flawless. Along with all that energy that is poured into the magnificent job they do comes hunger. When you send over your final count to your caterer or the venue if they’re providing the food, be sure to include your vendors in your meals. Every venue is different for what they serve and how they charge those plates, so just make sure you remember to include your DJ or band members, your photographers, and their crew, as well as your wedding planner and your videographer if you happen to have either of those. Just as a friendly note, Lippincott Manor charges the non-liquor pricing for vendor meals that coincide with whichever package you chose.

All of these reminders are smaller details that sometimes get overlooked. We wanted to take the time to point them out and bring attention to them, so that when it’s time for your beautiful day you have smooth sailing. We are so excited looking forward to the 2016 wedding season and can’t wait to help create and share the magical celebrations planned this year!

Fall In Love With These Amazing Autumn Wedding Ideas!

There’s a whole other world to harvest time than sprinkles of smoldered orange and shades of burgundy and brown…more than the clichè pumpkins, and hot apple cider. There are parts of fall that regularly get ignored. Just the same there are parts to an autumn wedding that, unfortunately, don’t get the proper exposure  they ought to. Lippincott Manor anticipates offering to you new ideas and some most loved old ones every year. We’re always looking into to convey to you inventive choices to make your autumn wedding remarkable.

The majority of the time orange pumpkins are a gigantic piece of the adornment arrangement. Suppose you gave these pumpkins a makeover. You can paint them any shade to best suit your color scheme! This is impeccable if you’re wedding hues don’t take after the run of the mill fall shading. Covering the pumpkins in a sparkle based paint is an awesome approach to give them a totally diverse look.

Another delightful thought is to create a personal pie treat for your visitors. You can either lay them out and offer them as a part of the dessert table or wrap them up and use them as a departing gift, This great thought is distinctive, as well as tasty too. Each visitor is certain to leave with a grin all over and their sweet tooth desire satisfied.

In case, you’re running with a genuine rustic theme, why not do away with the bridesmaids traditional flower bouquet all together and rather utilize wheat. It’s straightforwardness is totally rich and not only captivates, but compliments the beauty of the bridal party. In case you’re hoping to spruce the wheat bundle up, you can simply include a couple of little blooms, so that the wedding colors you chose can be involved.

In conclusion, if the occasion is outside and maybe the temperature is assumed to be on the nippy side as the night goes on. An immaculate thought is to put a couple of blankets around the grounds that the gathering is being held just on the off chance that your visitors get a touch of cold. Having these baskets around will guarantee your visitors are comfortable and cozy all through the wedding merriments.