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Fall Weddings in the Hudson Valley

This Sunday is the Autumnal Equinox and we’re sure that you have already started to feel it coming. With the crisp mornings and the quick drop in temperature with the setting sun, you’ve probably noticed that Fall is on its way. And if the weather isn’t enough of an indicator for you, then if you have ventured out to the local grocery store, coffee shop, or even bar then you have probably noticed the emergence of pumpkin-flavored everything!

With all that said, may we now announce that FALL IS HERE! What an exciting time of the year. Fall is a time for the senses. Aside from the plentiful pumpkin flavorings for your palate to choose from, your eyes are treating to Mother Nature’s show with the changing of the leaves. Fall also has a certain smell that some may crave year-round. And there is no better place to experience the amazing colors than here in the Hudson Valley. People from far and wide floods the small streets of the area to come and see the scenery of the Shawangunk Mountains dressed up on its orange, red, yellow leaves.

The scenery is beautiful and the weather is cool and refreshing and this is just a wonderful time of year for a wedding. Given the colors that are naturally landscaping the area, weddings now have a beautiful backdrop for some amazing photos. Fall-time weddings are often decorated to coordinate with the foliage with rich, earthy tones like oranges, deep yellows, greens, browns that can be complemented with rich ruby or deep eggplants accents. The color palette of many weddings takes on new life during this time of year that translates into a sophisticated looking event. For the rustic-inspired Fall event, gourds, pumpkins, and changing leaves can be incorporated into an event’s décor.

So enjoy some apple cider, or some pumpkin doughnut – after all, Tis the Season!


The Wonders of Planning a Wedding with Pinterest


Being a bride-to-be is a wonderful and exciting time in someone’s life. Whether you’ve always dreamed of your perfect wedding -– the dress, the colors, location, flowers, and so on and so on — or you have just been thrusted into the throws of making creative decisions everywhere you turn, now is the time for you to plan one of the biggest events of your life and you need to figure out how to best represent you and your future hubby in this celebration.

All that being said, it feels a bit overwhelming. Each bride feels it at some point –whether its the first time you dress shopped and you nearly suffocated in a cloud of white fabrics you never knew existed, or when you start visiting venues and realize that you’ll never be able to pick just one (the same goes for photographer, flowers, foods, and pretty much everything else associated with your big day), or when you meet with your bridesmaids and realize that there is a dress in every style and color imaginable to choose from. The bottom line is that wedding decisions can be stressful. But what is one of the most wonderful things about being a bride today is the resources that you have right at your fingertips.

The Internet offers many great resources for planning a wedding. Right now, it seems that one of the biggest sites out there is Pinterest. This Web site serves as an online pinboard for users to mark Web sites by photos of anything from around the web. Not only for weddings, Pinterest boards can hold food recipes, exercises, clothing pieces, arts and crafts, basically everything you can imagine. However, this site seems to be overwhelming popular amongst brides. From dress styles and designers to bridesmaids to colors to flowers to DIY projects, Pinterest stores ideas of all kinds for the bride-to-be. For the bride, this is a peak into every wedding idea out there and will really help her visualize what she wants. If you haven’t already, check it out and start an account (which is free…bonus!). You will quickly fall in love with the simplicity of it all — just click on the Pin it! button, and just like that your ideas are saved, bookmarked and organized. Then start following the Lippincott Bride We’re on there too!