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The Beauty of an Outdoor Hudson Valley Wedding

Outdoor wedding photo

Every bride wants their wedding day to be perfect. While offering amazing views, fresh air and an atmosphere that can never be recreated quite as authentically, an outdoor site can be a little bit of a scary commitment. Sometimes planning a year or more in advance, it can be very intimidating to know that there is one element of your day that you have no control over – and that is the weather.

Every person knows of that couple that was married on a day when it poured. Whether you were a guest or only heard about it, you probably thought to yourself, “Oh, that poor bride. What did she do? Her hair? Her dress? OMG.” With this train of thought, you may have already ruled out an outdoor wedding. However, we ask you to please reconsider. In fact, we insist. And remember those people that you are paying to have your wedding are, in fact, professionals and are well-equipped to deal with this. (As are we. We are humans living on Earth, where it rains – it has happened before and nobody melted!)

Sometimes, nothing can take your breath away quite like nature. (Think about the famous New Paltz Shawanagunk Mountains that can be seen from Lippincott Manor.) And when you find that spectacular location that utilizes the beauty of its natural scenery, hold on to it. Make sure to talk to the wedding coordinator of the venue about all the details, especially their “B Plan.” Every outdoor venue has their Plan B in case of the rain – just ask them about it, they will gladly put your worries to rest. And Lippincott Manor is no exception.

The same goes for your photographer and all your other wedding professionals. Your limo driver will more than likely have an umbrella on hand and when you are getting the royal treatment will probably protect you from even one drop of rain. Also, some amazing photos have been taken in the rain. Ask to see your photographer’s portfolio and ask to see what their most challenging shoots were. Seeing how your photographer coped and what they produced can really help your rest assured that a little rain will not ruin your day.

And remember that bride with the rainy wedding that you were so concerned about? Well, she is fine and her wedding happened. And at the end of the day it didn’t matter what the weather was like, because she is now happily married to her sweetheart. And the day was beautiful – rain or shine.

Outdoor wedding Plan B photo

Lippincott Manor Honored with Award

Wallkill Award

For years, Lippincott Manor has been whole-heartedly committed to their service and has given their clients the best that they have to offer. Working solely on their love for each event that they host, Lippincott Manor has heard many praises from their customers. Many happy couples have raved about their weddings — the service, the food, and the attention they received — and sang the praises on Web sites such as or Facebook. Now, this past month, Lippincott Manor has been honored by the Wallkill Award Program in the category of Best Caterer.

Stated on the program’s Web site, “The Wallkill Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses that serve their local market. Each year, we identify companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.”

And for anybody that has held their wedding at or attended an event at Lippincott Manor, they have witnessed and can easily see how this statement is upheld with true devotion by Tricia and Marty Van Dyk. A much deserved congratulations to Lippincott Manor!

Inspiration Spotlight: Burlap

When looking to plan a rustic wedding, there are certain details that cannot be passed up. As the “rustic wedding” theme is becoming more and more popular, more and more are we seeing certain elements that are becoming essential in creating that certain country-chic feel. At one time, you may have never associated burlap with a wedding, but today things are changing and this inexpensive and versatile material is showing up all over the rustic wedding scene.

When thinking rustic, there is no other material that evokes such a raw, organic, or outdoor feel then burlap. The key to using this material is to use it in accents. Placed strategically throughout your ceremony and reception, this barnyard material can create an elegant and chic event that will be remembered by all your guests. For an outdoor ceremony, how easy would it be to roll out a burlap aisle runner? Make it your own with a personalized saying or print of any kind. And what about the ring bearer? A unique rustic accent, would be a pillow made of burlap, or you could incorporate this material into your bouquet. Burlap flowers can be inserted into your bouquet for a surprising pop. Or, if you have a hand-tied bouquet, you can wrap the flower stems in burlap.

Burlap is easy to paint, stamp or print on. So you can use this material throughout your event. If there are sayings or proverbs that are important to your marriage, use burlap to say them. Burlap tags can be great place cards, and burlap also makes a great materials for banners and signs. Can you imagine a “Mr. & Mrs.” banner of burlap flags at your rustic wedding? Small details to accent with can also be the guest book, gift bags or even on the cake. Burlap ribbons can be placed throughout your wedding, and create a big impact.

With a little bit of creativity, this simple, inexpensive and versatile material can be used in any way that you dream your rustic wedding to be.

Which Season to Have Your Hudson Valley Wedding?

June 20th is the first day of summer. And that means that wedding season is well under way. The sun is shining, the weather is heating up, the flowers of the Hudson Valley have blossomed and we are all just about to embark on the season of longer days and plenty of reasons to celebrate. If you are engaged and haven’t started to look at venues for your wedding, the question you should ask yourself is: What are you waiting for?

One of the great things about living in the Hudson Valley is that we are blessed with having four seasons (even if mother nature seems to forget that at times!). This means that there is a time of year for everybody – from the snow bunnies to the beach bums. That being said, we now want to ask you a question: What’s your favorite season? Considering whichever of the four that may be, when do you envision your wedding? Do you love the renewal and freshness that Spring brings, or how about the romance of those warm Summer nights? What about the amazing color changes that happen during Autumn in the Hudson Valley? Or, do you just love the look of a glittery landscape after a dusting of snow?

When you can envision the time of year that you would like your wedding to take place, then you can really start to search for the perfect venue. Looking at the warmer season, then an outdoor venue may be the perfect place to really take advantage of nature’s beauty. If you want a winter wedding, you may want to head for the mountains and see what ski resort areas have to offer. If you have the time (that is, if you have at least one year to plan your wedding), then the best way to envision your event may be to visit venues at the time of year you would like to have your wedding. While this may not be ideal for every couple, it helps to remember and consider how the landscape may change completely in just a few months. And if summer is your favorite time of year, then get out there and seize the day! There are plenty of venues that are available to view, but are also booking up quickly as the wedding season bug has emerged.

Wedding Themes, what color speaks to you?

When you start to plan your wedding, you will quickly realize that there are a lot of decisions to make. If you have already started, then you have probably already had this realization and you may even be feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. It is at these moments when it is important to take a step back and breathe deep. Because while there is no right or wrong way, or no precise order of items to take care of to plan a wedding, there are a few decisions that can be made early on to make your life a little easier. One of these early decisions that you may want to make is your wedding colors.

Depending on your personality, this may be the most exciting or your least favorite part of beginning to plan for your big day. You may be a bright, bubbly and bold personality, or a calm, demure and laid back personality — all of these traits can show through and represent you in the colors that you choose for your wedding day. But the question is, how do you choose?

First things first, you know you best. So when thinking about your wedding colors, you need to think about what color inspires you, represents you and what you can envision at your wedding. Is there a color that you’ve always dreamed of for your wedding? Start to look at wedding accessories and décor in that color. Still don’t know what color you would choose? Take a look in your closet. Overall, what is the color or shade that you see the most of? You may not even realize it, but you probably do have a favorite color.

Once you have a color in mind, a good way to decide if it is the color that you really want is to start looking at and collecting pictures of weddings in that color. Now, with Pinterest you can pretty much take a peek at any wedding theme or idea that you have in mind. Bridal magazines are also still a great source for color inspirations. Looking at these colors in play can also give you ideas about incorporating a second or third accent color and establishing a palette for the day. Once you have a variety of visual examples, you can start to think about all the elements of your day that will be influenced by your color choice, i.e. the bridesmaids, the groom, decorations, the setting, flowers that are in season, etc. The point is, that once you do your research, you will definitely be able to make a decision on the perfect color for your wedding.

Rainbow Bridesmaid Bouquets

Inspiration Spotlight: Chevrons

More and more frequently chevrons are popping up in wedding themes. A perfect addition to a country-chic or rustic event, adding this simple chic design element can easily bring the look of a wedding together while giving it a pretty and modern feel. So with the more and more that we see these zigzags appear, we have decided to focus this Inspiration Spotlight on this versatile trend. It is also worth the mention that one of our past brides at Lippincott Manor used chevrons at her wedding and we have been adoring them ever since.

Simple and sweet, these patterns can be incorporated into your wedding in a huge variety of ways. At your ceremony, you can lay out a chevron-printed aisle runner or use chevron pattern ribbons to decorate the aisle seats. What about accessorizing your bridal party in chevrons? A chevron ringbearer pillow is just adorable or chevron clutches for the bridesmaids are a trendy and chic accessory that they will love. At the reception, chevrons can decorate your place cards and other paper goods. If you are planning on a candy bar, why not use chevron-printed goodie bags? Covering the guest book in chevrons is a unique touch that your guests will discover and notice the detail that you put into your day. And of course, the cake! This simple pattern can give you a modern looking cake or it can be accessorized with flowers or a scalloped design for a truly rustic looking dessert.

When consider the theme, look and design to your wedding, you may want to think about the chevron. Simple and sweet, the versatility of this pattern can be incorporated in so many different ways that the possibilities are endless, and that is what we love about this trend!

Girlz Night Out at Lippincott Manor

girlz night out photo
Next Tuesday, June 11th, Lippincott Manor will host Girlz Night Out, an event inspired by the ladies brought to you by Bridal Show Creations with Glojie Salon & Spa and DJ E Rock. This is a Luau Party, so get ready to jump right into summer and celebrate. Local vendors will be at the event to shop from. The first 75 women to arrive at Girlz Night Out will receive gift bags and there will also be raffle prizes. This event is organized to bring you all that a girl wants. So come by from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. and enjoy a food tasting and specialty drinks for a good cause. All proceeds will go to Diabetes Awareness. Guests must be 17 and older, and remember, no boys allowed!

For more information about Girlz Night Out events, go to