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Inspiration Spotlight: Patriotic Themes

Happy Memorial Day! In honor of this great holiday, we have put together an Inspiration Spotlight on patriotic weddings. Many of those that are serving our country are also getting married and we couldn’t be prouder. Lippincott Manor has been honoring the military in any way that they can — by working to give each couple their dream wedding and by offering a free ceremony for any military wedding. This year’s Memorial Day weekend wedding united two West Point graduates. A military love story, the couple had both graduated from West Point on Saturday and on Tuesday, they were married.

Red, white and blue. Often times this patriotic palette is used at military weddings to honor their life commitments, but are also being used by brides that love their country. Are you having a July 4 wedding? This theme is a great way to honor the holiday and have your special day. Incorporating the red, white, and blue color scheme into your wedding shows your spirit, but also creates a great celebration atmosphere.

These colors can be worked into many decorative aspects of your wedding. Bridesmaids can be outfitted and accessorized in these patriotic colors, or the bride can hide a pop of patriotism with a pair of bold shoes or even a red, white, and blue garter belt. For your decor, flowers can easily be found in these three colors and create, beautiful bouquets and airy centerpieces that set the spirit for the day. Place settings can also incorporate this theme–even using just two of the colors tones down the decor and adds a sophisticated touch to the palette.

As a final tip, don’t forget the flag! Around your reception or at your ceremony have flags on hand for guests to have and wave proudly, because it is this piece of American pride that has inspired the look of your day.

A Great Night for a Tasting

The 2013 Lippincott Manor Bridal Tasting was a night that met all expectations. With a great turnout, the day was beautiful and showcased just how great a wedding at Lippincott Manor can be. Decorated by, and showcasing the floral selections of the “all-inclusive wedding package,” were donations from Meadowscents Florist in Gardiner, NY, and Angels Wedding Works in Newburgh, NY.

As promised, prizes were also given out to couples that were booked for 2013 Weddings. Three lucky couples won upgrades to their current wedding packages. Nancy and Brian won a Menu Upgrade for their August 24th wedding, Josephine and Valdy won a Venetian Table upgrade for their August 27th wedding and Lori and Sam won a Candy Buffet table upgrade for their May 17th wedding. Congratulations go out to those couples, but they were not the only ones to have walked away with something. Attendees of the evening walked away with bottles of champagne, two bridal bouquets, two floral centerpieces and a beautiful floral cake top. As an added bonus, all couples booked for 2013 received a complimentary frozen drinks bar for their wedding.

On hand for the night were also the “all-inclusive wedding package” DJ and photographer and other recommended wedding professionals to consult with couples and answer any questions.

For an end to a beautiful day and evening, the night showcased a fireworks display from Fireworks Extravanganza.

bridal tasting photo 2

Inspiration Spotlight: Mason Jars

Here at The Lippincott Bride, it is our mission to offer tips and advice to brides that are planning their wedding. In today’s post, we are bringing you an inspiration highlight. When starting to plan a wedding, you will quickly find that there is a lot of information, ideas and inspirations out there. To help you sift through popular design elements and trends, we will bring you an inspiration focus. Today’s focus is on mason jars.

If you are looking to give your wedding a rustic, vintage, or organic feel, then mason jars are a design avenue that you must explore. Speaking to the hearts of the the DIY brides out there, the mason jar is an inexpensive and versatile material that can be used in so many design aspects of your wedding. They can be used as centerpieces to hold flowers or candles, they can mark table numbers, or serve as escort cards that are also a guest’s drink cup for the night. Filled with dessert or jam, or anything that you would like to give your guests, they can also be used as favors.

Mason jars are 100% customizable and with great ease. By simply adding a ribbon or twine bow, or wrapping it in burlap and attaching a satin flower bow, or even decoupaging lace, a mason jar can be transformed into a beautiful centerpiece. You can also paint them to match your color scheme to really enhance the décor of your event. Filled with candles or string lights, hung or placed on tables, mason jars can provide romantic lighting to the evening.

When it comes to a mason jar at a wedding, your design possibilities are endless. You have so many options with this inexpensive material, so let your imagination flow.

Dreams Come True, a Cinderella Wedding

The Lippincott Manor has a reputation of being a smaller venue, slightly off the beaten path with beautiful Hudson Valley views and amazing service. The biggest perk of using a smaller venue host your wedding is the attention that you can be given at these one-event-per-day venues. While there are other venues that boast the same type of scheduling plan, the Lippincott Manor takes pride in the individual attention and customization that they give to each and every wedding that is hosted on their grounds.

Customization is key when considering how to make your wedding day the most memorable. For most girls, they imagine growing up to have a wedding where they wear a big, beautiful dress on one of the most beautiful and special days of their lives. Looking up to their childhood icon, the princess, many brides look for the Cinderella — or Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Ariel, or Jasmine (hey, every girl has their favorite) —  princess dress. Some brides may even go as far as recreating the beloved fairy tale for their day.

Last week’s wedding at Lippincott Manor, united Jennifer and Jamie Crabtree with the wedding that the bride always dreamed of and the owner of Lippincott Manor, Tricia Van Dyk, served as fairy godmother, when she created this Cinderella-inspired event. Carried in by a horse-drawn carriage the princess had married her prince in a day that only dreams are made of. Set alongside the beautiful views of the Hudson Valley on a gorgeous spring day, the event was picture perfect for the royalty-inspired wedding.

So whatever your dreams are, the Lippincott Manor will try to recreate them for your day. And they can guarantee that at midnight,  there will be no pumpkins.