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…And the Season Opens with a Military Wedding

The Lippincott Manor has officially opened for the season with the celebration of Ashley and Matt!

Being a military wife or bride is not a role that is known to be easy. With looming deployment dates and the stresses of managing a life with extraordinary circumstances, it seems that time is always of the essence for those that share this lifestyle. To honor, protect, and serve our country, the U.S. Armed forces is full of young men and women from across the country that have enlisted to preserve the rights of the American citizen and that have sacrificed the common comforts of the average citizen.

When given the chance, the Lippincott Manor takes the opportunity to honor and serve those that have done the same for us. Offering special packages and any accommodations necessary, Tricia and Marty Van Dyk of the Lippincott Manor take pride in the duties that they can handle when bringing a special couple with special circumstances.

The 2013 season kicked off last Friday, April 19, and was a beautiful night celebrated and enjoyed by all that attended and helped out. The bride and groom had much to say about the memories that their special day has given them to cherish:

We wanted to take the time to say how wonderful these two people [Marty and Tricia Van Dyk] are and the business they run. They have been part of the wedding business for the past eight years and they know what they are doing. Our wedding was Friday April 19, 2013 and we had the pleasure of opening their season.

We are a military family and they were the only venue that worked with us in regards to possible deployment. They were extremely understanding and cooperative throughout the entire process; from picking the venue all the way to the end of our night.

Their staff was amazing, from cleaning prior to the event to working it the day of. They were nice, prompt, and helpful. The food for the event was phenomenal and our guests are still raving over it. They made sure they had food for the children along with what we had chosen for our menu.
Marty takes care of the property personally which overlooks the mountains and the Wallkill River. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their venue and take the ideas of their past and future couples. We truly believe that our day was as perfect as it was because of Tricia and Marty.

Thank you for being a part of our big day and it will always be remembered by our friends and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Morrisashley matt wedding

Best wishes to you both, and God Bless your new life together! It was a great time had by all.

Considering a Rustic Wedding


Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most important steps in planning a wedding. Obviously, checking this off your wedding checklist takes care of the “where,” but it also sets the tone of the day. After getting engaged, it is important for a couple to sit back and reflect on what suits them. Who are you as a couple? Where are you both comfortable? And where can you imagine your wedding? Once you sort this out, you can start to narrow down the “type” of wedding that you want. And when it comes to “type,” the sky is the limit. In the end, what matters most is that the couple is united in marriage through a day that was theirs.

Today, a big trend in weddings is the “rustic” wedding. These weddings take place in country settings and are reminiscent of the pioneer days. They can also evoke a vintage feel in its styling. Sometimes held in barns or in open fields, these weddings are always outdoors. They implement old wagon wheels, salvaged or reclaimed wood, wildflowers, mason jars, cowgirl boots and do-it-yourself touches.

When you think about your wedding, are you inspired by the natural beauty of the outdoors? How do you feel about a wedding framed by an outdoor, suburban setting? If so, a rustic wedding is something for you to explore. Consider an outdoor setting set amongst the backdrop of mountains and a running river.

Spring has Sprung in the Hudson Valley

Officially, Spring began about two weeks ago. But let’s face it—we haven’t really bought it here in the Hudson Valley. So we’ve cursed the groundhog, put up with the windy chill that has been in the air and didn’t pack away our sweaters for the season. Until, (hooray!) this week comes—the week when the forecast is reading 70 degrees and the suns of the local weather man’s forecast are dancing and smiling. Spring has finally arrived!

While some may be excited for more well-known opening days, others view this time as the “opening day” of wedding season. Spring is the time of renewal and new beginnings, and WEDDINGS!

Engaged couples, you may have gotten engaged over the holidays and have felt a little overwhelmed for the last couple months. Take this time to breathe in the fresh air and reinvigorate. The change of season could bring in some changes to your wedding plans, ideas, and energy levels. Wedding venues across the Hudson Valley, including Lippincott Manor, are cleaning up and getting refreshed after a long winter. Flowers are being planted, decorations are being restored, gardens of delicious foods are being planted, and the bars are being stocked for the season. With this renewal, take some time to think about revisiting an outdoor venue that may have not shown its full potential while covered in snow. A few budding blossoms may change your whole outlook on a place.

Bridal Tasting and Prizes at Lippincott Manor

When planning a wedding, every detail counts. With every decision that a bride-to-be makes, that one special day will be shaped into exactly what she has imagined. You may ask, “how does one make such decisions?” Lippincott Manor has a solution to help create your perfect day with a Bridal Tasting where couples can come to sample their wedding day. Because, honestly, what better way to imagine what your day will be like it than to live it a bit?

On Friday, May 10th at 6 p.m., Lippincott Manor will host this free bridal tasting. Each year, this event is held for couples who have already booked their wedding with Lippincott Manor and those who would like to have a taste before choosing their venue. The event offers a complimentary evening of delicious food, entertainment and information, with a cocktail hour, dinner, dessert, and dancing. There will be a sampling of champagne, wedding cake and, of course, a nice variety of foods so couples may have dinner and taste the culinary offerings of Lippincott Manor.

Also on-hand will be the photographers that are included in Lippincott Manor’s all-inclusive wedding packages, information on the local hotel, and a display of the beautiful bouquets and some table centerpieces from florists that are also included in the all-inclusive package.

As a bonus to a great evening, there will be drawings and giveaway prizes. Bottles of champagne and flowers will be given away that evening. And there will also be a big drawing, giving away upgrades to four lucky couple’s wedding menus, and depending on the number of booked weddings, one lucky couple will win a free wedding! See the Web site for more info (

This evening is for couples that have booked their wedding by May 1 and those that are considering this venue, check out Lippincott Manor today and start planning your perfect wedding today.